Personnel Policy


  It is the goal of the Board of Trustees to provide a safe and pleasurable working environment for all Blanco County North Library District/Johnson City Library, Inc (BCNLD/JCL) staff while meeting the goals of the BCNLD/JCL.  

The general policies set forth in this document apply to all library staff and volunteers or authorized BCNLD/JCL committees while performing any duties for the BCNLD/JCL.  

The policies and procedures set forth in this policy do not create a contract for employment with the BCNLD/JCL.   All employment with the library system is "At Will". While it is hoped that employment relationships with the BCNLD/JCL will be successful and long term, the BCNLD/JCL or the employee may end this relationship at any time with or without reason.

This policy replaces all earlier BCNLD/JCL personnel practices, policies, and guidelines.  The BCNLD/JCL may change or modify the policies and procedures found in this at regular meetings in writing after discussion at a prior meeting.  If any provisions of the BCNLD/JCL Personnel Policy conflict with federal or Texas laws, the applicable laws will prevail. 



Position Classification

Each employee position of the library system is classified according to levels of responsibility. Entry rate of pay will be made on the basis of the responsibilities of the position, the education and work experience required by the position and the education and work experience of the employee.  Pay increases will be scheduled in accordance with the approved annual budget and subsequent vote of approval by the Board of Trustees prior to becoming effective.  

Written job descriptions are maintained by the Library Director.  

Library staff may also work separately for the Programs Committee pursuant to a contract between BCNLD/JCL and the Programs Committee.  While all applicable Library guidelines must be adhered to by any staff, whether working as a BCNLD/JCL employee, as a volunteer, as an independent contractor, a sub-contracted employee or as a Programs Committee independent contractor; employee reviews, salaries and benefits as described in this document are only applicable to employees while in the direct employment of the BCNLD/JCL.  To ensure there is no conflict regarding adherence to FLSA requirement, all hours worked by an employee as a non-contract, non-exempt employee will be counted for calculating total hours worked for the purpose of overtime calculations only. For the purpose of any paid time off or other benefits, BCNLD/JCL policies will not apply to time accrued by employees who are employed indirectly by Library Programs.  


Regular Full-Time Employee (RFTE) - Employee who is scheduled to work 20-40 hours per week as a direct BCNLD/JCL, employee (designation begins after a six month probationary period and accompanying performance review). 

Regular Part-Time Employee - Employee who is scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week as a direct BCNLD/JCL, employee (designation begins after a six month probationary period and accompanying performance review). 

Probationary Employee - An employee who has worked less than six consecutive months.

Temporary Employee – Employee who is scheduled to work based upon the needs of the library. 

Independent Contractor – Person who works independently and whose work is evaluated on outcome, rather than process.  Prior to beginning a contract assignment, an independent contractor will enter into a contract with the BCNLD/JCL.  Non-BCNLD/JCL, contracting entities shall furnish to the BCNLD/JCL, Library Director a copy of any contract executed for any independent contractor providing services for the BCNLD/JCL or authorized committees of BCNLD/JCL, or the JCL. 

An independent contractor may also be a regular, part-time or temporary employee, but must complete any contract work outside of his/her scheduled work hours as a library employee.  Independent contractors are not eligible for paid time off or overtime pay or other benefits. Independent contractors are responsible for all federal and state taxes. For clarification of the scope of an independent contract, the description as provided in The Texas Labor Code will prevail.  

Volunteer–Unpaid personnel under the supervision of paid staff who donates time and talents to the community through the library and its programs   

Exempt Employee - An employee who is salaried and not eligible for over-time compensation as determined by the provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  

Non-exempt Employee - An employee who is paid on an hourly basis and is eligible for overtime compensation (one-and-one-half times the normal hourly rate) after working 40 hours in a predefined work week.



  1. Responsibilities towards the Community 

The primary responsibility of the library staff is to provide the community with exceptional customer service. All paid library staff, independent contractors, and volunteers play important roles in developing and maintaining good public relations with our community.  Customer service should always be given priority over any other assigned duties. All library users regardless of sex, race, religion, or age are to be given the same high standard of friendly and courteous service.

  1. Responsibilities toward the Library

All staff members and volunteers should conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Concerns should be made known to the Board of Trustees so that corrective actions can take place.  

  1. Responsibility towards the Board

The library director shall be responsible to implement Board of Trustees adopted policies and goals.

  1. Equipment

All staff members and volunteers should take care of equipment, furnishings, and property.  Work areas should be maintained in a neat and orderly condition with public areas straightened and materials put away promptly.

5.  Privacy

Although the individual privacy of the library staff is to be respected, staff should have no reasonable expectation that privacy rights extend to work-related conduct or use of Library equipment, supplies, or property. Staff is advised that library property including computers, E-mail, telephones and supplies are only to be used for official business.

This policy recognizes the Internet, email and the telephone are communication tools and that incidental personal communication may occur. Instances beyond incidental use are strongly discouraged and could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.  Staff is advised that personal use of library equipment is not protected by a right of privacy. If emails or correspondence are resident on library equipment, it may be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.  

6.  Conflict of Interest

Library staff may have other employment only if the following criteria are met

1. There is no conflict of interest

2. There is no legal incompatibility

3. Staff is able to maintain acceptable attendance and performance levels in his/her library position.

4. The employee’s other employment does not place the library in an unfavorable light.  

The Board of Trustees will retain the discretion to determine conflicts of interest.  

7.  Politics

Federal and state laws prohibit a staff member from using any official authority or influence to interfere with or to affect an election or nomination. One may not legally coerce, command, or advise another employee to lend or contribute time, money, or anything else of value for political purposes.

8.  Confidentiality

No confidential information will be given to unauthorized persons without the individual's or BCNLD/JCL’s written consent.  Information concerning patrons acquired from any source will be kept confidential and discussed only with appropriate staff.  Lists of patrons shall not be removed from the library. BCNLD/JCL, will use card numbers for circulation of library materials rather than patron names.  Failure to adhere to this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal.

9.  Accidents and Emergencies

All accidents or emergencies must be reported immediately to the Library Director or President of the BCNLD/JCL Board.  Any unsafe conditions that may be potential hazards should be reported immediately. Each employee is responsible for following the proper procedures in case of fire or building evacuation, as well as knowing the location of the fire extinguisher and the first aid kit. 

10.  Fiscal Responsibility

Staff members may incur financial obligations on behalf of BCNLD/JCL.  All financial obligations or payments must be expenditures approved by the Board of Trustees on the BCNLD/JCL annual budget or must have prior approval by the Board of Trustees before commitment by a staff member.   Disposition of library assets such as electronics or furniture must have prior approval by the Board of Trustees. Weeding land dispersal of volumes are at the discretion of the library director.

11.  Dress

In order for our community to value and respect the services that the library provides, the staff and volunteers should meet customer demand with professionalism, competence, timeliness, convenience, accuracy and interest. Since one component of this is the image that the staff presents through their appearance, it is expected that the staff will wear casual business attire. If there are questions regarding acceptable dress, employees are encouraged to consult with the Board of Trustees.



1.  Work Policy

Due to the nature of library work, the BCNLD/JCL has a policy that a paid employee must be on premise at all times.  Because of the limited paid staff, careful coordination and planning of work schedules is required. Employees are requested to submit written requests for any scheduled personal time off (with time to adequately allow for scheduling and coverage) one month in advance.  Time off will be granted in order to minimize individual employee work schedules to no more than 40 hours during a work week. In accordance with state and federal laws, if an employee works more than 40 hours a week, time and a half will be paid for the additional hours.  The scheduling of time off will be handled on a first-come basis, however, during popular holiday seasons, the Board of Trustees will ensure that time off is rotated fairly. All time off will be scheduled for the needs of the library system and will not be officially confirmed until approved.    

2.  Timesheets

All regular, part-time or temporary employees are required to document all work time on BCNLD/JCL, provided timesheet.  A work schedule will be provided to employees and actual work time should be completed according to the work schedule. Employees are not permitted to work without documenting actual work time.   

3.  Breaks/Lunch

A break room is provided for the relaxation of staff and volunteers. A meal break of thirty minutes shall be provided. Two Coffee or rest breaks of fifteen minutes are compensated daily.  Smoking is never permitted in the library and all restrictions found in the building use policy are to be adhered to by staff.  

4.  Unplanned Absences

The employee should contact the Library Director or Board of Trustee President or his/her designee regarding an unplanned absence from work. The employee is responsible for following this procedure each additional unplanned day of absence in order to receive any accrued paid time off compensation. 

5.  Paid Time Off

We understand employees need time off to rest and recharge, recover from an illness or handle unexpected life events. That’s why Johnson City Library provides each full-time employee paid time off each calendar year. This way, you can take the time you need—no questions asked.
 Paid time off is accrued at the rate of .03920 per hour worked as a Johnson City Library RFTE after the completion of the 6 month probationary period and the annual approval by the Board of Trustees.  

Any paid time off accrual will begin after the completion of the 6-month probationary period of employment and approval by the Board of Trustees.  

We ask that you provide your supervisor as much notice as possible before taking any time off. If you plan to take more than three consecutive days off in a row, please let your supervisor know at least two weeks in advance. If you need more than three consecutive days off for an emergency, please let your supervisor know as quickly as possible so they can make the proper staffing accommodations.

Regular full time employees may accumulate a maximum of the amount of hours worked for a regular two week period of paid time off during a calendar year.  Paid time off exceeding the maximum number of hours worked for a regular two week period accumulation (80 hours maximum for a 40 hour/week employee), must be used by the last day of each calendar year or will be forfeited. If extenuating business circumstances prevented the employee from taking scheduled PTO, this PTO may be carried over and taken in the first half of the next calendar year with the approval of the Board of Directors.  Upon employee resignation or voluntary termination, unused paid time off will be compensated.  

The PTO hours accrued for the current calendar year, will be available to the employee at the beginning of the year.  However, if the employee uses time off before it has been accrued and the employee is terminated or resigns, the PTO hours will be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck.

6.  Extreme weather

The Board of Trustee President or in his/her absence, the Library Director has the option of closing the library when extreme weather conditions occur.  If the library is closed for extreme weather, regular full time employees will be paid for their scheduled working hours.  

7. Health Flexible Spending Account

The Library will establish a health Flexible Spending Account for each RFTE in accordance with rules established by the IRS.  An open enrollment period will be established at the beginning of each calendar year, during which the employee may determine how much they wish to contribute.  The Library will contribute $0.29/hr. for each RFTE after the completion of the six month probationary period of employment.

The FSA contribution accrued for the current calendar year will be available to the employee at the beginning of the year.  However, if the employee uses FSA funds before they have been accrued and the employee is terminated or resigns, the FSA funds will be deducted from the employee’’s final paycheck.

As per IRS regulations, FSA funds that are unused at the end of the year, will be returned to the Library’s funds.

8. Annual Hourly Compensation Increases

At the beginning of each calendar year, each RFTE of the Library will receive a $0.25/hr. increase with the completion of a successful annual evaluation.

9.  The Family and Medical Leave Act

Federal law provides certain employees with unpaid, job protected annual leave or substitute appropriate paid leave if the employee has earned it, in the case of (1) the birth or adoption of a child, (2) for the care of an immediate family member spouse, child or parent (not in-law) with a serious health condition, or (3) when the employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition. For more information about this law, go to For the Library's purposes, the period in which the leave entitlement occurs will be a "rolling" 12- month period measured backward from the date an employee uses any FMLA leave. If an employee has accrued vacation or regular family/ sick leave that paid leave will be substituted for any or all of the unpaid FMLA leave.

10.  Special Observances

Upon arrangement with the Library Director or Board of Trustees President, a member of a religious or ethnic group that has special observances on days other than library holidays, may be absent from the library. The regular full time employee may use paid time off, or, if desired, the time may be made up at the discretion of the supervisor. Some examples of such days are Good Friday and Hanukkah.

11.  Court Leave

Any regular full time employee required to perform jury duty or subpoenaed, as a witness in a case to which he or she is not a party, shall be excused from work for the days on which he or she serves. Such time off shall be paid leave limited to the regular posted work schedule, but shall be limited to eight hours in any one day and shall not exceed the actual time required to provide the duty plus any travel time. 

12.  Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave without pay is available pursuant to any Texas or federal laws.  Pregnant employees are allowed to work as long as the work does not endanger their health and they can adequately perform the duties of their job.

13.  Military Leave without pay is available pursuant any Texas or federal laws.

14. Staff Development

BCNLD/JCL encourages the development of staff members through attendance at professional or job-related workshops including CTLS and Library District meeting, and web conferences.  Attendance at such activities when approved in advance by Board of Trustees will count as time worked. NBCL will underwrite registration costs and any expenses associated with attending professional conferences and seminars which are approved by the Board of Trustees.  Additionally, the employee will be compensated for time attending such conference. Compensation and time worked for any week of attendance shall not exceed 40 hours without prior approval from the Board of Trustees. The Library Director is required by TSL to earn 10 hours of CE credits annually.

15.  Expense Reimbursement 

Employees will be compensated for expenses they incur while carrying out their official duties. For automobile expenses, the rate of reimbursement will be the most recent standard set by the Internal Revenue Service. For reimbursement, employees are required to submit legible documentation to the Board of Trustee treasurer.  

16.  Worker's Compensation  

All library employees and inside volunteers performing duties within the library building are covered by workmen's compensation.  This insurance provides protection in case of injury or illness that is a result of a job-related accident or condition. Job-related accidents must be reported immediately to the Board of Trustee President or his/her designee.  

17.  Additional Insurance

 No additional insurance is provided by the BCNLD/JCL. 

j18.  Holidays

Designated holidays and any holiday pay will be voted on and approved by the Board annually.

Regular full time employees will be paid Holiday pay for those scheduled work hours that fall on the designated Holiday or early closing day.  Holiday hours will not accrue towards paid time off.

19.  Social Security and Medicare

Applicable Social Security and Medicare taxes are paid by regular full-time, regular part-time and temporary employees and are withheld from each paycheck.

Independent contractors will receive 1099’s annually and will be responsible for all applicable social security and Medicare taxes.  


1.  Recruitment

Library Director - The authority and responsibility for the selection and appointment of the Library Director rests solely with the BCNLD/JCL Board of Trustees.

Other BCNLD/JCL Employees – The Library Director will recommend to the BCNLD/JCL Board of Trustees the selection and appointment of other BCNLD/JCL employees.

Volunteers – The Library Director will recruit volunteers for the library. 

2.  Eligible Employees

The library system is an equal-opportunity employer, providing opportunities for jobs to all people meeting the minimum requirements for the position.  All applications will be carefully considered without regard to sex, race, religion, age, national origin or disability.

3. All employees and volunteers shall be subject to an official background check before being starting their regular schedule.  The background check will be paid at the library’s expense.

4.  Performance Evaluations and Probation

All regular full-time and regular part-time employees will receive a written evaluation annually.  Evaluations will be based on the employee's unique job description and mutually agreed upon goals listed in the previous year's evaluation.  The Board of Trustees will evaluate the Library Director. All other employees will be evaluated by the Library Director.

All job descriptions found within the library system are subject to regular review at the initiative of the Board of Trustees.  Employees are encouraged to review their job descriptions and make suggestions that will improve the goals of the library. Probationary employees will be reviewed at the conclusion of six months of consecutive employment prior to reclassification and prior to receiving any recommended pay raises, paid time off, or other benefits as approved by the Board of Trustees.  An employee may request a review of his/her job performance and/or classification by filing a written request with the Library Director or Board of Trustees. 

4.  Punctuality

All employees should be in the library and ready for work on time.  This means arriving at the building by the scheduled time and returning from breaks in a punctual fashion.  Staff members should explain any work left to the staff members replacing them. If a staff member is unable to be at work at the designated time, the Library Director, or the Board of Trustee President, or his/her designee and the co-worker should be notified.

6.  No-Harassment Policy

The BCNLD/JCL maintains a strict policy prohibiting harassment of any kind and is committed to taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring.  It is expected that all relationships at the Library will be business-like, professional and free of bias, prejudice and harassment. All employees have the responsibility to maintain a working environment free of harassment.  When used in this policy the word "employment" shall include work done by volunteers and the word "staff" shall include all persons who provide work for the library operated by the District and who would be considered staff, rather than independent contractors, under the laws of the State of Texas.

Procedure for Investigation of Harassment Complaints

An employee who believes that he or she has been sexually harassed on the job or who is aware of the harassment of others ("Complainant") must discuss the situation with the Board of Trustee President or his/her designee. 

7.  Drug Policy

The BCNLD/JCL maintains a drug and alcohol-free workplace.  Employees are prohibited from using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on company property.

8.  Resignation

An employee who intends to resign should inform the immediate supervisor as soon as possible and should then submit a written resignation to the Board of Trustees. 

9.  Personnel Records

For each staff member, a personnel file is kept in the office of the Director. It may contain documents relating to the employee's recruitment and appointment, performance evaluations, letters of reference, and memoranda concerning his/her performance, compensation, benefits and leave requests. Records of attendance at job related workshops or courses may also be included in the file. Employees always have the option to review their personnel records.

10. Pay Rate and Compensation

Remuneration will be made on the basis of the responsibilities of the job itself, the education and work experience of the person, the quality of work performed, and the staff member's experience at the library.

The BCNLD/JCL Board of Trustees will review staffing needs and salary levels and has final approval on all budget decisions.  All salary adjustments will be voted on and approved by the Library Board of Trustees prior to becoming effective.  

Deductions for income tax, Medicare and Social Security will be made as required by law.

Pay periods are bi-weekly.  All regular full-time, regular part-time and temporary employees are responsible for submitting weekly time sheets to the Board of Trustee treasurer. This form will include scheduled hours for that week; all hours worked, holiday hours scheduled and paid time off or unpaid personal time.  It must be signed by the employee and initialed and dated by the Treasurer or his designee.  Paychecks will be distributed on Fridays for the preceding two-week pay period. 

The work week begins Sunday at 12:00 am and ends Saturday at 11:59pm.

11.  Grievance Procedure

It is the intent of BCNLD/JCL that every employee shall have the opportunity to express concerns relating to the physical surroundings in which the employee works, procedures, and conditions of the specific position, relationships with fellow workers or supervisors, and library rules as they apply to staff.  A concern or grievance should follow the procedure below: 

1. If possible, discuss the problem with the director.  In case of the director having a concern, this should be discussed with the board president.

2. If the director is part of the problem, or the board president is part of the director’s problem, the concern/grievance should be submitted in writing for the library board and be delivered to the director, who will deliver the statement to the board president.

3. The board’s representative will respond to the employee within five days of the board meeting at which the issue is discussed, either providing a determination, solution, or a strategy for how the board will address the issue over time.  


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