Discovery Academy

Children at discover academyDiscovery is an after school enrichment program in science and math for 3rd-5th grade students. Our mission is to awaken, inspire and excite minds through hands-on experiences to inspire a life-long love of learning.

Each school year is made up of two sessions - fall and spring. Each session follows the science TEKS taught in the classroom to reinforce that information with experiments and activities.

Discovery was started with a generous donation from Fran and Bob Keith. Their love of knowledge and children provides commitment to the library to continue their dream.

Disocvery Academy will be open for registration August 1-29. Class size will be limited to 12. Check back here on August 1st for the registration form. Call the library for more information.




Fall 2022 Session

Earth Science

Discovery Academy is back for a fresh new start to the school year!

It is an after-school enrichment program that focuses on STEM education for 3rd-5th grade students. The upcoming session will focus on Earth Science! The after-school program teaches through fun and creative activities all session long.

The session will be 14 weeks long with meeting times twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:00

Start Date: September 6

Each session is limited to 12 3rd-5th grade students. Students will ride the school bus to the library. Parents will pick up their students at 5:00 pm on the side of the library that goes to the baseball field. Snacks will be provided. There is no charge for Discovery. 

If your student arrives to Discovery sick, you will be called to pick them up. Our goal is to keep the students and our staff safe with these COVID-19 prevention policies in place. Thank you for the opportunity and honor to work with your wonderful students.

Please Register below starting on August 1.  After 12, registration will roll over to the next session.  We will email to confirm your spot.

Discovery Academy Registration

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  • I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize employees of Discovery Academy to contact directly the persons named on this form and do authorize the named doctor to render such treatment as may be deemed necessary in an emergency for the health of said child.  In the event doctors (other than named on this form) or parents cannot be reached, the employees are hereby authorized to take whatever action is deemed necessary in their judgment for the health of said child.  I will not hold the Johnson City Library financially responsible for the emergency care and/or transportation for said child. 
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  • Photo Release Consent:

    Johnson City Library often takes photos of events and activities to share on our website, social media, newspaper, or other promotional material.  Doing so helps promote library programs and reach new people.  Please indicate if Johnson City Library may use your child’s photo for the use mentioned above:

  • Transportation of Students:

    Transportation will be provided by school bus to the library after school. All students will need to be picked up by their parents or a designated party (through a written note signed by the parent) at the Johnson City Library side area at 5:00 pm. Any student that is picked up past 5:00 pm on two occasions through the semester will receive a reminder regarding the Discovery Academy pick-up policy. A third late pick-up during a semester will be grounds for withdrawal of the student from the program. 

    Behavioral Expectations:

    Discovery is an exciting program and we are looking for students who want to have fun learning. All students in the Discovery Academy will be asked to be active, positive participants in the activities presented. Any students that are disruptive or do not respond to the instructor’s redirection will be given a warning and their parent will receive a phone call from a Discovery Academy staff member. Any student who continues to be disruptive after this will be withdrawn from the program. 
    Thank you again for the opportunity to work with and inspire your child's desire for life-long learning. Please send a note if your student will be picked up by someone other than the names on the registration form.
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